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The spirit of community lies in TORG. It fuels abetter future and the Pursuit of Happiness. It’s your Super power. Take your mind in a new direction
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The world's first utilimeme
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TORG is not your regular cryptocurrency. It is the world’s first utilimeme that is sustainability driven, utility-focused and completely decentralized. It aims to increase economic activity, new development opportunities for the world’s youth and alleviation of the economic constraints facing the world’s marginalised populations.
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Total Supply
777 Billion TORG
Circulating Supply
Max Supply
777 Billion TORG
Polygon ERC20 Contract
Ethereum ERC20 Contract
Solana SPL
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TORG Litepaper V1.01
The power of TORG
brought to Multiple blockchains
Take advantage of a single standard when building across Ethereum
and 3rd generation public chains
Polygon TORG
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Binance Smart Chain
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Ethereum TORG
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Solana TORG
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XDai Chain TORG
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The best way to understand the
power of TORG is to get it!
International Bank
Today not everyone across the world has the same opportunity to access financial products, services and features. Around 3.9 billion underbanked people worldwide are frequently denied access to regular products or services. But the future of finance is more accessible, inclusive, transparent and global! All one needs is a smartphone with an internet connection. Become a global citizen of finance with our international banking.
In banking, security normally comes first. But we go a little further with offering complete peace of mind. With us, there is full compensation for any unauthorized transaction made through your Bank account. Claims can be filed within 30 days. Terms apply. Lloyd’s Syndicate provides insurance up to $100 million!
Your account and financial data are kept confidential and secure. Your transaction history will only be visible to you.
To protect your funds, all Merchants, Partners will go through our strict ID verification process that involves verifying government-issued IDs. Transactions above certain monetary thresholds are subject to further Customer Due Diligence (“CDD”).
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TORG is a utilimeme, the world’s first sustainable, completely decentralized and utility focused cryptocurrency, aimed at global human development.

A next generation utility-focused cryptocurrency

No there was no presale or public sale. Instead, a total of 777 Billion TORGs were created and distributed when it went live, and nobody thus owns or controls TORG, and everyone can take part.

Metamask, Trustwallet, Coinbase to name a few. In fact any wallet that supports Polygon, Solana, xDai or ERC20 networks may be used with TORG.

TORG is currently available on more than 12 widely known crypto exchanges including Bitmart, Digifinex, HotBit, Whitebit. As more exchanges are being added the list is subject to change. See the most up to date list here.

No. As per the smart contract TORG won’t be paused, mined, or blocked.

TORG is the main utility coin in the International Bank Project. TORG will be used for paying the transaction fees, for special discounts and many more.

Depending on your preferred language you can join the Telegram group and interact with others and admins are there to help you.